Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Getting With It!

     I must say, that I've been keeping my hands busy with the knitting and all.  I finished the pair of wrist warmers  for my sister and I just knitted up another scarf to gift to a dear lady we know.  Here's a picture of it.  First time with this color combination and I though I was leery.....I was pleased with the way it turned out.

     Now, I'm finished up the Christmas gifts, and was fascinated with this pattern for socks that call for such tiny circular needles.  Size 1, 9 inch circulars.  Felt like working with toothpicks at first! Once the ribbing was done though, I was feeling pretty good about them, and this is how far I've gotten so far.  I'm using self striping yarn and was told that as long as I start the second one the same place as I did on the first skein, that they would match.  I'm really enjoying this project.

     Now for a "great" grandmother brag or two.  Little Isaiah was just nine days old when he first came out with this grin......Many were thinking that it was just a gas thing.  Well, just a few minutes later.  He came out with this big smile and a nose crinkle even.  I'm flying up on the 29th. to spend some time with him and the rest of my family.  Please keep me in prayer that day as I am so very scared of flying.  Thank you so much.  Can't wait to hold this little bugger.

     We have been so fortunate with the weather thus far.  Even today with the mist and all, the weather is mild and no need for a sweater if you're just outside for a few minutes.  A lot of the flowers are showing their appreciation of the weather as well by continuing to bloom.  I love this rose from one of the bushes out front.  There is also a white one and a pink one in bloom as well.  God is so good.

     I will let ya'll go for now.  I hope that you're all well and warm this season.  I love each and every one of you.  Stay safe and don't forget to "feel the colors".

Thursday, December 14, 2017

I'm Getting There

     Yes! I'm getting there as far as making up some last minute gifts.  I should be used to this procedure as it happens to me each and every Christmas.....You must know by now that I am indeed a procrastinator.  Let me show you a couple of things.
     First of all.  I've been making these scarves forever and always love the color combinations, but due to a request from a lady that I don't know, I made this solid white one.  I do believe that it is the prettiest one yet!

     Then a pony tail hat for my sister for Christmas.  I would have liked to have used any number of pretty colors, but she's a black, gray and dark blue person all the way.  It was actually hard to find a

pattern that would fit her.  She's like me....small. and her head is smaller than most adults.
     Then I decided to use the same yarn and make her a set of wrist warmers.  So here's the first one.  These make up quickly. Mostly garter stitch and stockinette stitches.

     Here's the first set I made for my little daughter-in-law up in NH for Christmas.

     I'm wanting to try my hand at knitting a pair of socks.  I've picked up some pretty self striping yarn and tiny size 2 nine inch circular needles for the project.  I'm not afraid of the heel turning as I've done that with booties before, but I'm just hoping they come out with matching stripes!
     My one and only Christmas Cactus is in bloom, and it reminds me of the dear lady that had the original "mother" plant.  A very dear friendly lady who loved the Lord.  She raised a wonderful family and had a wonderful sense of humor.  A very kind heart.  We all miss you Miss Geddy.

     Another plant I found out about this past fall is the Brazilian Plume, and it also is in bloom.  I'm looking forward to moving it outside come spring, although I plan on keeping it potted.

        I must share a picture or two of the newest member of our family now! My very first great grandson, Isaiah Allen was born last Thursday, and of course he's beautiful.  He's perfect in every way, and I'll be flying........yes.......I said flying up to NH after Christmas to meet him in person.  I was going to go before, but between having to replace my license because I lost mine on the trail one day, and replacing my broken glasses, I've had to put it off.  I for sure, do not want to be traveling during Christmas.   I can hardly wait to hold him though. 

     Well I see the sun shine is falling across my stitching chair and over there also sits my cross stitching as well as my yarns.  So I think now would be a good time for me to part and let all my sweet followers be.  Speaking of followers! I now have 94 total.  Only six more and I'll be drawing for the gift box giveaway.  If any of you want to mention the giveaway on your own blogs, please do so.  The sooner we get to the hundred, the sooner the box heads to the post office.

     Until next time.....Ya'll take care.  Be warm and well.  Love each and every one of you.  Also! Don't forget to "feel the colors"


Monday, December 4, 2017

So Far Behind

     Yes.  Seems I'm so far behind in so many things.  My stitching.  Christmas shopping.  Birthday cards.  Gardening care.  My blogging as well.  So sorry my dear friends, but I guess for the most part, everyone gets busy and starts running behind this time of year.  It's just that some catch up better than others.  I'm one of the others! Old and slow! LOL

     As usual, for some reason, I wait until November and December, to start Christmas mittens, hats and scarves.  I won't be posting pictures this time around though of anything that I've made or that I'm working on.  I figured that if I stopped to take a few shots, I wouldn't get back to my post, and I'd put this off another few days.  I do want to say though, that I've made a couple of crocheted hats, a couple of knitted scarves and am working on some wrist warmers now.  Just fun easy projects but oh so appreciated when received.  I will post pictures next time.

     I've been doing some decorating of the house as well.  Getting into the country, farmy primitive type things and so love the new looks.  Sofa pillows, quilts, baskets, an old kerosene stove all painted up with lights inside.  A couple of new lamps.  Enjoying the new look so much, and Hobby Lobby loves seeing me walk in! LOL Again.  Pictures will come later.  I just want to make this post as newsy as possible.

     Still getting lots of exercise and walking and hiking in.  Preparing for our Appalachian Trail trip next year.  I've been dehydrating foods of all kinds and really having fun learning so many new things about the process.  Even with as much as I'm doing though food wise, I know that our stomachs will be growling and we'll be looking for a good place to get off the trail and eat every so often.  We know though that there will be good days and bad on the trail, and we're ready for both.

     My little Isaiah Allen, my great grand is due any time now, and I hope to make a trip up to NH when he comes.  This little one is going to be so loved, but aren't they all! I'll be flying up when the time comes, and I'm so very afraid of flying.  I keep telling myself that it's a fear that I have to get over...........but is it I wonder.........I can always drive! I want to get in as much visiting time that I can though this time, so a flight will be the thing.

     Speaking of dehydrating foods! For those of you with dogs.  I dehydrate sweet potatoes for our fur baby, Riley for treats.  He just as soon have that than something not nearly as good for him.  You can also dehydrate green beans, canned tuna or chicken and bananas as well.  Nice little gifts of canning jars with these treats in them for our friend's dogs are in my future I think.

     I'll let ya'll go for this time around.  Sorry that there isn't any pictures but the one below.  I pray that ya'll are well and looking forward to family and friends during the upcoming Christmas season.  Until next time, don't forget to "feel the colors".


Saturday, October 28, 2017

Friends Come Home!

     Yes I'm still missing all my friends and followers that always show at the top of my page.  I know they're out there and will be happy when Blogger takes care of this situation.  I have a goody box waiting for a winner as soon as I hit 100 followers!
     Glad that I'm posting this morning.  Seems I put off so many things I enjoy, and yet I can't really see where I've spent the time.  A little here and a little there around the house and that's it.  I am so thankful that I have faithful followers and friends who come by to visit and leave a comment.  Even though I don't post more often.  Thank you so much.
     I am still working on this same piece. "Autumn Hill" from By the Bay Needle Work.  It has been an easy piece to work on with beautiful and warm fall colors, but I had a visit from this guy! Looks

quite innocent! Look again into those eyes..... He threw me for a loop.  I am always so careful and count not just once, but at least three or more times every so many stitches so there aren't any mistakes.  Well...I messed up this time, and even after I took the incorrect stitches out, there was color left on the fabric.  You can see what I saw here.  So after picking all the stitches out and went over the

area with tape to get any little fuzzes off, I wet just that small area.  Used a tiny bit of dish detergent and a tooth brush.  Rinsed it good and let it dry.  All the while, I just knew I had ruined the whole thing.  This is the first time that any of my pieces had to be washed! Well, here is an update on it and you can see that the time wasn't wasted at all.  So signs of the error. It should go right along quickly

 now.  I was pushing it aside for a while there, but with the error taken care of, my enthusiasm is back!
     The weather is cooling and I've slept inside for the last two nights.  To cold to stay out on our porch which I've been doing for weeks.  We don't get the beautiful fall foliage here in this part of NC, but we do have flowers blooming still.  My Camellia is bursting with beautiful pink flowers and the tiny bees are still having their way with them!

       I've been enjoying doing some decorating here at home.  Getting into more country and farm type decor, and really having fun and enjoying the difference. Great boards on Facebook with great pictures and ideas.  Finding great things at Hobby Lobby for half the usual price and more things at second hand stores.  Then you throw in my Tiny Girl here, and it really feels comfy and looks homey.

Notice she's on my kitchen bench type island where she doesn't belong.  Plus she's ignoring me because she knows it!
     One of the things I ran across at a second hand store was this bear! Don't know where his permanent home will be but he certainly is country.  Handmade and is 20" in length.  Paid only $5.00 for him and think he's worth every penny.

     Well my dear friends and followers.  I think I must let you go now.  Love you all and hope that the day will be full of blessings for every one of you.  Until next time.  Be safe and stay well.  Don't forget to "feel the colors".

Thursday, October 26, 2017

I'm Looking For My Friends

     I went to post this evening and I don't see any of my followers on my blog.  They have always been listed in the past but I can't see them now.  Anyone who stops in to read this post, please let me know if my friends/followers can be seen by you.  I was hoping that I would now see 100 in all so I could draw the name of the winner of the giveaway.  So please let me know if everything shows up for you.
     For now, I am heading to bed as it's after 11:30 here.  I will be back tomorrow morning and write a decent post for ya'll.  Love you all.


Monday, September 18, 2017

Giveaway Reminder, Plus

     Good morning ya'll, and what a lovely one it is here in southeastern NC.  Loving the milder temperatures after a very hot and humid summer.  Coffee on the porch and watching all the birds at the feeders is always a delight.

     I wanted to remind everyone today about my giveaway.  We have 93 followers at this time.  Seven more and I'll be drawing a name to see who wins the gift box.  I've enjoyed filling it up, but it's chuck full now and just waiting for shipping.  Keep in mind that to have a chance to win this box, you must be a follower.  I want to see you listed under my friends! Then on your blog you mention this giveaway.  This step not only gives someone else a chance to win, but it will allow me to draw a name quicker! Then leave a comment with your email address so I can contact you if you win.

     The last couple of days I've been working on the baby blanket for my great grandson who is due in last November.  I enjoy working with the Cake yarn and of course being just a granny square blanket,  it's working up quickly.  The colors are actually brighter than what this picture shows.

     Have any of you been to the needlework areas in your local Walmart.....I happened to see this little kit the other day here and at six dollars, I thought it was a buy indeed.  It's a 14 x 14" pillow with the words already stamped on it.  All you have to do is embroider the few flowers and add a name under Home Sweet Home.  I thought it would make someone a nice gift so I picked it up.

     I have five more pounds of tomatoes that I'll start to dehydrate this morning.  I use the plum tomatoes and this time will slice them rather than just cut them in half.  After a sprinkle of salt and thyme or oregano, I'll start them drying.

     I just love this little lady, and she's so spoiled! Tiny Girl has been with us for a couple of years now and she couldn't be happier.  Notice that she is ready to spring off the table if she's told to get down.....

     Will let ya'll go for now.  I'm getting ready to head to the kitchen to slice up all those tomatoes, and then it will be a puttering day for me.
      Until next time, you be safe and well, and don't forget to "feel the colors".

Friday, September 15, 2017

Back In the Mood

     Seems for a while, I was doing lots of nothing.  Sometimes I wonder if I expect too much of myself.  Maybe it's that I think I can do it all, no matter how much.  I must have had four different knitting projects going at once and never could get myself to finish any of them.  I did finish up the little blue baby sweater and got that mailed out, but that was it. I set my sewing down one evening and didn't pick it up for days.  I was even reading a good book but decided to return it to the library yesterday as I didn't think I would finish it.  I just puttered around the house and did get some things done, but they were things that had nothing to do with needlework.
     I've been changing decor somewhat in the living room and the kitchen, and still have things that I want to add, but as a start.  I hung up a beautiful antique quilt in the living room.  Picture really doesn't do it justice.  The colors are far more into the fall colors than what it looks here.

Made some new pillow covers for the couch.  Six total, but just two are shown here.

Did some painting and antiquing.  A couple of stools and an old telephone table.  Also recovered the seat for the table.

     I have a crocheted square started for a baby blanket.  Just using a couple of skeins of cake yarn.  Baby is a boy so when he arrives, it should be good colors for him.  Here's what I have done so far.

     Then there is my cross stitch which I finally got back to the other day.  The piece is an easy one to stitch, and I'm liking the colors.  Here's what I have done so far.

     Gosh! Now that I look back, maybe I was actually doing more than what I thought.  It's just that my love is for needlework, and I wasn't accomplishing a lot with that.
     Remember when my "peanut butter tree" was loaded with white blossoms...Well here it is, all weighted down with the deep pink blossoms with the deep blue centers.  It always amazes me to see this go through its different stages.

     I've been dehydrating a lot of different things.  Preparing for our Appalachian Trail trip come spring.  I must say that the strawberries were better than the best candles when it came to making the whole house smell nice.  I'm enjoying using the dehydrator, and am trying many different kinds of food.  Fruits.  Veggies.  Beans, and even pasta with sauce.  Want to get enough ahead for the entire five month trip, so you can never start too soon.
     I want to thank all my sweet friends and followers for being patient with me during my slump. Thank you for stopping in and leaving your sweet comments.  If I haven't been over to visit your blogs, I'm so sorry, and will be over to check in soon.  All of you are important to me.
     It's a rainy beautiful day here.  Perfect day to sit on the back porch and work on my blanket, so I'll let ya'll go now.  Please visit soon, and until next time, stay well and safe and remember to "feel the colors".

Friday, September 1, 2017

August is Gone!

     Where did it go I wonder.  August came and went in record time it seems, and I have been very careless about posting here and keeping my friends and followers up to date.  I haven't even commented on my followers blogs either and I just want to apologize here and now.  I have no excuses at all.  Billy and I have been no busier than usual.  We have been healthy and fine.  Time just got away from us.  So! I'm back!
     First of all! I need to show you the last couple or three stages of the "Peanut Butter Tree", and I must say that the stage it's in right now is one of my favorite ones.  Love the purple centers.  Here you go.

Once these beautiful blue centers start to wrinkle up some, I'll take a few and use them to dye up some fabric.

     The little sweater I was working on and showed you a picture of what I had done on my last post, was finished up and sent out already.  So no pictures of the completed piece.  Never gave it a thought.  I'll be making another though and will probably post it on my next blog post.  This is the time of year I believe that a lot of people, including myself, start thinking about getting the yarns out and crocheting or knitting up some projects.  The pieces can now be draped over your lap and the heat doesn't drive you out! I won't be buying anymore yard for a while I don't think.  I have so much that I have to use up.  I don't and can't throw it away! Yes.....I stash yarn as well as fabric and threads!

     I bought a very pretty table cloth at a thrift shop about three weeks back.  Paid just five dollars, and so far I've made two valences for my kitchen windows.  A picture of one of them here below.

Covered a couple of pillows......

as well as covered another small chair.  I have enough left over to make a table runner as well.  So I can say that the table cloth was well worth what I paid for it.

I have started another cross stitch piece by "By The Bay Needleart".  I haven't an awful lot done thus far, but here's a picture of what it will look like when finished.  This is the time of year when I start thinking about the beautiful colors of fall, and I've had this chart for quit sometime.  So now is the time!

Well, for some reason, it seems that I'm reaching the bottom of my blog page and won't be able to post much more this time around.  So I need to let ya'll go.  I want to welcome all my new followers here, and want to let all my sweet followers and friends know, that I'm still putting neat little things in the giveaway box.  Only eight more followers to go, and a name will be drawn.  I'm looking forward to it for sure.
Now, until next time, ya'll be well and take care.  Keep all in Texas in your prayers.  Remember to "feel the colors".

Sunday, July 30, 2017

A Gift Finished

     Yes I did! I finished the pillow that I've been working on.  I put the blue fabric around the piece and then around that, I put the ecru muslin.  Will be sending it out in tomorrow's mail and I think she'll be happy with it. Here it is all done.

     Now for the update on the little Bluebirds.  There had been three, but they are growing fast and now there are only two.  So I'm thinking that one has actually fledged.  The mom and dad were feeding them insects right up until this morning, and I noticed this afternoon that mom and dad are now eating from the seed feeders.  So the other two will probably be off on their own tomorrow or the next day.  They have all the feathers that are needed.  The first picture below was taken a week ago, and the second one was taken yesterday.  You can see how much they've grown.

     An update on the "peanut butter" tree.  You can see that most of the white flowers have fallen off, and now we have pink teardrop shaped flowers opening up.  The center of the flowers now have a pale green berry, and as time goes on it will turn a beautiful blue.

     The other day I noticed that my Queen Ann's Lace plants are going by.  I love them in all their beautiful white puffs, but the season is moving on.  I noticed that some wasp has decided for some reason that one of the flowers will make quite the home.  Haven't ever seen this before.  It amazes me just how many seeds are in one flower head.

     We've been keeping busy.  More inside than out here as the weather has been so very hot and humid.  Today was lovely though in the low 80's.  The three of us went into New Bern and had a great lunch at a newly discovered place that our pastor showed us.  We ate our fill of prime rib and everything else on the buffet.  We were right on the water and the sky was as blue as it gets loaded with puffy white clouds.

     We are expecting a great grandson in December and we're very excited indeed.  The little guy is already named, Isaiah Allen.  The name Allen comes from five generations back, and has been used six times in the five generations.  Dad would have been so happy about this.  Of course with a brand new baby coming, I have to get my crochet hooks and yarns out.  I've started a tiny little sweater with this variegated yarn.  Not baby colors at all, but I do plan on making other things in the softer pastels. This sweater is from a pattern called "Easy Peasy  Baby Sweater", and it's all one piece.  I'm also still working on the sampler "FGH" and enjoying the stitch.

     Before I go, I want to thank all my sweet friends and followers for joining me online here.  Your comments are always upbeat and sweet.  I hope I continue to know all of you more and more as time goes on.  Oh! If you do have a blog please be sure to let me know if I haven't visited you there.  I like to keep up with ya'll and see your beautiful pieces and know what's going on in your lives.

     We have 88 followers here at the present, and I picked up a couple more things for the giveaway today.  All we need are 12 more to join in the fun.  So tell the followers that you have about the giveaway and let them have a chance to win it as well.

     For now, I'll let you go.  Until next time, please stay safe and well and don't forget to "feel the colors".

Friday, July 21, 2017

Another Small Start

     Before I get rolling here, I want to thank all my new followers for joining me here.  I thank my long time followers for putting up with my off again, on again blog posts.  I'm doing better.  I do love all of my followers, and I'm so glad your here.  By the way......the giveaway box gets a little fuller every couple of days.  I'll continue to put things in it.  As many neat things as I can fit into it.  Good luck to each of you.  It looks like we're up to 82 followers at this time, so it shouldn't be long now.  Your more than welcomed to let your friends know about the giveaway so they too can become followers and have a chance at winning.  
     The new start is the third in the series "ABC Samplers" from Little House Needleworks.  I have the first two completed and this one, "FGH" I've just started.  Love the softer colors in these pieces and not any of them take an awfully long time to stitch up.  Here's what I have so far....

     The "Love With an Open Heart" is waiting to be made into a pillow still, but I'm a step closer I believe.  I found that I have the perfect, I think, piece of fabric in my stash to use on the front of the pillow.  I'll be using muslin for the back.  Rather than stuff as I usually do, I picked up a 12"X12" foam pillow to cover.  Here's the piece below with the fabric that I'll be using to finish it up.

     Must show you all my dear friends and followers what I finally did over last weekend.  I picked up an old bike for seven dollars and with just a couple of cans of spray paint, turned it into a "come see" for the yard.  I was planning on putting it in one of my garden areas, but Billy said that he would like me to put it in the front yard.  So I'll move it here and there and find a place for it.  Here's a before and after picture.  It was fun! I'm so happy that it came with a basket!

   "Now.  The "Peanut Butter" tree! The blossoms are in their new stage and they're so pretty.  The Hummingbirds are constantly around them and the butterflies as well.

     One last thing before I get ready to leave ya'll.....We have baby Bluebirds and when I took this picture below, they were brand spanking new.  I'll be peaking in on them again this weekend so we'll see how much they've grown.  I believe we have four total, and will be surprised if when I check again, that there was another one that came along after I took the picture.  We'll see.

     Well I must go now.  Hope to get some stitching in this evening before my eyes grow heavy.  Once again, I do want to thank all my followers, old and new alike for joining me here.  I hope I come to know each of you more and more as time goes on.
     Now until next time........ya'll take care and be safe and don't forget to "feel the colors".