Sunday, July 30, 2017

A Gift Finished

     Yes I did! I finished the pillow that I've been working on.  I put the blue fabric around the piece and then around that, I put the ecru muslin.  Will be sending it out in tomorrow's mail and I think she'll be happy with it. Here it is all done.

     Now for the update on the little Bluebirds.  There had been three, but they are growing fast and now there are only two.  So I'm thinking that one has actually fledged.  The mom and dad were feeding them insects right up until this morning, and I noticed this afternoon that mom and dad are now eating from the seed feeders.  So the other two will probably be off on their own tomorrow or the next day.  They have all the feathers that are needed.  The first picture below was taken a week ago, and the second one was taken yesterday.  You can see how much they've grown.

     An update on the "peanut butter" tree.  You can see that most of the white flowers have fallen off, and now we have pink teardrop shaped flowers opening up.  The center of the flowers now have a pale green berry, and as time goes on it will turn a beautiful blue.

     The other day I noticed that my Queen Ann's Lace plants are going by.  I love them in all their beautiful white puffs, but the season is moving on.  I noticed that some wasp has decided for some reason that one of the flowers will make quite the home.  Haven't ever seen this before.  It amazes me just how many seeds are in one flower head.

     We've been keeping busy.  More inside than out here as the weather has been so very hot and humid.  Today was lovely though in the low 80's.  The three of us went into New Bern and had a great lunch at a newly discovered place that our pastor showed us.  We ate our fill of prime rib and everything else on the buffet.  We were right on the water and the sky was as blue as it gets loaded with puffy white clouds.

     We are expecting a great grandson in December and we're very excited indeed.  The little guy is already named, Isaiah Allen.  The name Allen comes from five generations back, and has been used six times in the five generations.  Dad would have been so happy about this.  Of course with a brand new baby coming, I have to get my crochet hooks and yarns out.  I've started a tiny little sweater with this variegated yarn.  Not baby colors at all, but I do plan on making other things in the softer pastels. This sweater is from a pattern called "Easy Peasy  Baby Sweater", and it's all one piece.  I'm also still working on the sampler "FGH" and enjoying the stitch.

     Before I go, I want to thank all my sweet friends and followers for joining me online here.  Your comments are always upbeat and sweet.  I hope I continue to know all of you more and more as time goes on.  Oh! If you do have a blog please be sure to let me know if I haven't visited you there.  I like to keep up with ya'll and see your beautiful pieces and know what's going on in your lives.

     We have 88 followers here at the present, and I picked up a couple more things for the giveaway today.  All we need are 12 more to join in the fun.  So tell the followers that you have about the giveaway and let them have a chance to win it as well.

     For now, I'll let you go.  Until next time, please stay safe and well and don't forget to "feel the colors".

Friday, July 21, 2017

Another Small Start

     Before I get rolling here, I want to thank all my new followers for joining me here.  I thank my long time followers for putting up with my off again, on again blog posts.  I'm doing better.  I do love all of my followers, and I'm so glad your here.  By the way......the giveaway box gets a little fuller every couple of days.  I'll continue to put things in it.  As many neat things as I can fit into it.  Good luck to each of you.  It looks like we're up to 82 followers at this time, so it shouldn't be long now.  Your more than welcomed to let your friends know about the giveaway so they too can become followers and have a chance at winning.  
     The new start is the third in the series "ABC Samplers" from Little House Needleworks.  I have the first two completed and this one, "FGH" I've just started.  Love the softer colors in these pieces and not any of them take an awfully long time to stitch up.  Here's what I have so far....

     The "Love With an Open Heart" is waiting to be made into a pillow still, but I'm a step closer I believe.  I found that I have the perfect, I think, piece of fabric in my stash to use on the front of the pillow.  I'll be using muslin for the back.  Rather than stuff as I usually do, I picked up a 12"X12" foam pillow to cover.  Here's the piece below with the fabric that I'll be using to finish it up.

     Must show you all my dear friends and followers what I finally did over last weekend.  I picked up an old bike for seven dollars and with just a couple of cans of spray paint, turned it into a "come see" for the yard.  I was planning on putting it in one of my garden areas, but Billy said that he would like me to put it in the front yard.  So I'll move it here and there and find a place for it.  Here's a before and after picture.  It was fun! I'm so happy that it came with a basket!

   "Now.  The "Peanut Butter" tree! The blossoms are in their new stage and they're so pretty.  The Hummingbirds are constantly around them and the butterflies as well.

     One last thing before I get ready to leave ya'll.....We have baby Bluebirds and when I took this picture below, they were brand spanking new.  I'll be peaking in on them again this weekend so we'll see how much they've grown.  I believe we have four total, and will be surprised if when I check again, that there was another one that came along after I took the picture.  We'll see.

     Well I must go now.  Hope to get some stitching in this evening before my eyes grow heavy.  Once again, I do want to thank all my followers, old and new alike for joining me here.  I hope I come to know each of you more and more as time goes on.
     Now until next time........ya'll take care and be safe and don't forget to "feel the colors".

Friday, July 14, 2017

Finishes and a Giveaway Plan!

     Oh my goodness! It is so hot and humid here! We're staying in as much as we can out of the heat and we're looking forward with hope of any cold front coming our way.  Even our fur babies, Riley and Tiny Girl aren't happy with the weather.  They want out, but are ready to come back in within just a couple of minutes.

     I think I can show my finish of "Wedding Row".  I know my nephew and his beautiful wife, Nancy are in Japan right now, and may not have opened it yet, but I doubt that they'll be checking my blog out on the honeymoon! So here it is.  The colors aren't true which is sad as it's so much prettier than it looks.  I really enjoyed the stitch.  You can choose whatever colors you want and it took me a total of 26 hours and 45 minutes to complete.  I plan on doing this one again for another gift next year.

     I've also finished up "Love With an Open Heart".  This will be made into a pillow for a sweet friend of mine.  I loved working with all the colors, and the color of the fabric called for goes perfect with them.  Sixteen hours total on this one.

     Now! Phase two of my "peanut butter" tree.  The first of the flowers are out.  Here's the latest picture.  As time goes on....there will be more color showing up and I'll show them all at once at the end of the season.  You can see the pink showing up now.  This tree amazes me each and every year.

     I decided other day to take an old dark wooden chair that had been sitting on our tiny front porch and do something with it.  I wanted to use it as garden decor.  So! After picking up some red spray paint, I purchased a potted flowing Vinca for under five dollars.  I added a piece of primitive decor that I already had in the living room, and this is the end result! Took only about a half hour to paint.  I love it now and it brightens up a spot.  I have about three more chairs.  All different but all wooden and very sturdy.  I think I see more painting fun in the close future.

     I would love to gain more followers, so what I'm going to do is start filling a giveaway box! When I get 100 followers, I'll then draw a name from a hat....Well, maybe a bowl.  No, a box.... Wait! Doesn't matter what it's drawn from, as long as all followers get a chance to win! So what I would like all to do is........If you're a follower of mine, please leave me your name in the comments below.  All my long time followers please do this and if you're brand new, you do so as well. Make sure you you show up in my "Follow" list at the top of my blog page. No ending date for the drawing as it all depends when I hit the 100 followers! So jump in here so I can get to know you, and please let a friend know about the giveaway as well!  The first gift in the giveaway box will be the chart of the piece above and as seen below.  There will be many more goodies!

     Now for everyone who is fighting this heat wave....Please stay safe inside when you can.  Always start your car and give it a couple of minutes to cool down before you leave.  Drink plenty of liquids and dress light.  

     To all my wonderful dear friends and followers! You stay safe and well also, and remember to "Feel the Colors"

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe Giveaway

Yes! Another collection and it's beautiful.  It's called Grandmother's Favorite Quilts.  Look at how pretty all these colors are! You need to check them out and join the giveaway.


Friday, July 7, 2017

Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe Giveaway!

     Head on over to the Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe and sign up for this giveaway.  All her threads are beautiful!

Monday, July 3, 2017

Another Great Giveaway!

     Yes! Another great giveaway over at ......

Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe

 Please go over and check it out.  All her threads are beautiful.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

A Finish and More

     Hello to all my dear friends and followers.  I hope you're all doing well and enjoying our summer flowers, beaches, birds and all kinds of good things that come with it.  We have been keeping busy with a few things outside as well as in, and enjoying just about all of it!
     I finished the "Wedding Row" and I must say that it was one of the most enjoyable stitches yet.  The wedding, as you can see, in June 7th.  I had the framer add a pocket on the back of the framed piece so I could insert one of the wedding invitations in it.  Just a little added touch. Here it is! The

letters are actually a very pretty deep sage green color.  A total of 26 hours to complete.
     Here's another picture of the piece I'm working on now.  Loving this and it will become a pillow top once finished.  Have 11 hours into it so far.

     I have completed all of the granny squares for my afghan and now I just need to decide in what order I want to put them together and sew them up.  I just started lining them up on the bed the other night,

and..........  So I didn't get far and didn't want to scoot her away.  I'll get to it again.

     We finally have a pair of bluebirds nesting in one of the boxes, and they're out there every morning, gathering mostly pine spills and bringing them inside for the nest.  I'm waiting to see if they're going to finish it with some moss.  Has to be soft for future babies.
     Enjoying all our summer flowers.  I love this Rose of Shannon. Just a small shrub right now, but

 is loaded with buds! The color is so pretty. I also picked up a few more things to put in yesterday.  I have no will power at all sometimes! Here's what I picked up and I have to finish putting them in tomorrow.

       I mentioned that I was going to have a new kitchen floor put down, and it's all finished.  I love it and it seems to look even better with everything back in place.

     Oh! One last thing! Below is the very first stage of all the beautiful stages that the flowers go through on the  clerodendrum  trichotomum  tree that I have.  I call it a peanut butter tree.  I was given two of them two years ago, and I just love them.  They will spread also which is really cool.  Here's stage one.
        Now I really must let ya'll go.  This blog seems kind of choppy to me, but I just had so much to tell and all.  Thank you my dear followers for stopping in once again.  I love each and every one of you.  Until next well and safe and remember to "feel the colors"

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Getting Into the Groove

     Good morning once again, and it's a nice one here in eastern North Carolina.  We may be seeing some rain off and on all day, but those days are good also.  Inside puttering hasn't hurt me yet.  Plus my needlework can start calling my name at any moment!
     After ten years living in this house, and talking about having a new kitchen floor put down, it will finally happen this coming week.  We have done a little here and a little there on this 1960's home and knew from the time of the sale that it did need lots of updates.  So over the years, we've had the bathrooms re-modeled.  A wall between the living room and the kitchen taken down. A beautiful huge screened in porch added on and now the flooring.  So it has been slow but sure but has also been satisfying.
     I think I've been making good use of my time as far as my stitching goes.  Seems I'm in the groove now.  I try to get an hour in at least each morning on my cross stitch and if not another few minutes in the evening, I'll crochet the brown around about four blocks.  My progress on my cross stitch here and I'm loving the colors.
Then the progress on my afghan.  You can see that the stack on the right is shrinking as I crochet the border and move the blocks to the left.  Also a picture of some of the blocks all done.

So I feel good about buckling down and working with my hands more.  This time of year we stay quite busy outside in the garden areas, so it takes away from my stitching.  We do though, as I said earlier, have rainy days and they're blessings indeed.
     My sister has finally gotten over two bouts of pneumonia, and she's feeling great.  So we started our walking together once again the other day, and did five miles.  Down a back dirt road with nature all around us.  Loving it, and with the walking and the Planet Fitness that I do, we should be good to go at the end of March for our Appalachian Trail start.  I do feel like a kid again with the excitement of being on the trail.  Here's a picture of my sister and I below.  Georgia on the right.

     I was checking on my tea herb garden yesterday and realized that I have three different colors of the Monarda! I always thought I had just one out there.  Then I realized this morning that my rose garden out front was in full bloom once again.

It was a must to put this sign out last year.  We have the sweetest little brown rabbit that visits at least a couple of times each day.  I've been putting grapes out for him/her and I'm able to get quite close at this time.

     Now I must let ya'll go this time around.  The morning is young and there are the Hummingbird feeders to change out still.  Ya'll be safe and be well until next time.  I love each and every one of you.  In the meantime remember to "feel the colors".

Monday, June 12, 2017

A Beautiful Day

     Started out the day with an early visit to Planet Fitness.  We go three days a week and we're getting so much out of it.  Then home to start our things inside and out.  Bill is clearing a lot of the woods out back beyond our fence.  We don't have the pretty easy to walk wooded areas in this part of NC.  The woods are full of unfriendly vines and thickets.  Not to mention the spiders and ticks! We can already feel the breeze in our back yard that couldn't get through the wooded area in the past. It's looking great and feeling great as well.
     I want ya'll to know that my newest followers are Mary and RJ from a wonderful blog named stitchingfriendsforever2.  Two very sweet stitchers.  I'm so glad that they stopped in here.  Take a look at the beautiful needlework and the lovely primitive settings where some of the work may be displayed.  Welcome Mary and RJ.
     I have lots of blocks crochet in a simple granny square pattern.  Will be adding brown on the outside edges and then sewing them together to make an afghan for the living room.  Twelve colors total and 48 blocks to make the afghan.  Here are a couple of pictures.  The first when I got the first twelve done to see how the colors would look together.

     I decided they wouldn't look so bad and went for it.  Here are all 48 below.

            Before I forget.....I want to show you how pretty the Mimosa tree is this year.  This is in the back left corner of our yard, and will be one thing that isn't going to be cleared away to open everything up.  We look forward to the lovely flowers every year.  Always makes me think of little ballet dancers.

     I've been working a little each morning, and sometimes in the evening on my stitching and am enjoying  "Love With An Open Heart" from Stoney Creek.  Loving the beautiful colors in it and I'm going to make a pillow out of it for a gift once finished.  Here's a picture of the piece all finished and then another of my work thus far.

A way to go to say the least, but I'm enjoying the stitch.

     Outside my sewing room window I'll see the Hummingbirds stop by.  Busiest time is early morning a evening before the sunsets.  We also have a bunny that visits the yard each day.  I've been leaving him/her grapes.  I love this time of year.

 I'm going to let ya'll go once again.  Until next time, ya'll be well and safe and of course don't forget to "feel the colors".  Love you all!

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Another Lovely Giveaway

Over at is a lovely collection of threads being given away.  Here's a picture of them.  Check it out.  Her threads are beautiful.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe Giveaway

Check out her beautiful threads and the lovely bunch of colors that she's giving away at this time.  Go to to join in the fun.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

In Over My Head!

     Howdy all my faithful friends and followers.  It has been far too long,,,,again, since I've posted. Rather than make promises of how I want and will post more often or how I'm going to get in more stitching time for sure, let's just get this post out to you.

     I do love this time of year, and spend lots of time out in the yard in the garden areas and all.  Just like anywhere else, once spring arrives, we get anxious to get outside and clean out areas.  Even here in warmer NC where we don't get any snow, the dead leaves and things always seem to settle in the gardens along with the spring weeds.  Plenty of weeds for sure.  I'm glad I use some mulch for my two herb gardens.  Helps a lot with the weeds as well as keeps the moisture in the soil longer.  One herb garden is for my teas and water.  Love filling a container with water and putting in some mint or lemon balm.  So many different combinations make a refreshing cold drink.  I put the water in the fridge overnight.  Here's a peek at my tea garden....

Then there is the other herb garden where I grow things that we can snip off and add to salads, soups or anything else that you cook up and want to add a little extra flavor.  Here's a picture of that one.
     We took a trip up to NH again.  Love going "home" and seeing family and friends.  My beautiful daughter-in-law was in another play and we just had to see it! She's a wonderful actress and enjoys it so much.  We ate out and it was usually seafood that we ordered.  You can't beat NH and Maine's seafood and it's hard for us to actually get enough of it when we're up there.  We had a wonderful trip.  We took Riley with us and the three of us, Bill, Dave and I piled in the car and headed north.  This was my view a good part of the way up and the way back.  LOL  I must say though that Riley rides real well and loves going with us.  Plus, I had the whole back seat to myself!
One of the highlights of the trip was that I got to see my cousin, Lori.  Lori and I went to school together for years and went our separate ways after high school.  She moved to Michigan and I lived in three or four different states.  She just recently moved back home to NH, and to Dover where she was born and raised.  So we made plans to meet up and we did.  She found me on Facebook about seven years ago and we've kept in close touch ever since.   She loves the Lord and we're kindred spirits indeed.  This is our meeting up below, after a total of 53 years.
     Now I've kept ya'll here long enough, so must get to shy I titled this post, "In Over My Head".  Now take a look at these pictures below....  First I'm stitching on all these pieces shown.  I must add though, that spending more time outside, means less time in my stitching chair.  Many evenings by the time I do sit down I really don't want to get out all my threads and all.  Gosh! Listen to me and I love to stitch!
Then I've been ordering charts as I've been seeing them and can't say "No" to myself!  Here are a few that I have waiting to be started.  By the looks of the photo above, it will be a while.....
So for the most part, all is well and I need to get with it again! Thank you all for stopping in and I love each and every one of you.  Ya'll remember to "feel the colors"